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  1. Tolkien never cared for the Teleri, so she is never mentioned by name or mentioned Considering that she is not mentioned in the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings , it's possible she has passed on before the story. She may have died along with Orophe..
  2. Immortality isn't living forever. Immortality is everybody else dying. watch in hd + smallscreen soooo, i mostly blame fanfictions for this and also Eileen..
  3. {Thranduil x Reader} (Recontinued!) by miranda's thranduil emporium 79.2K 2.6K 11 //rewrite and continuation in progress A tale about an Elven King, and the silly little human he falls for
  4. Thranduil's Wife. That, anon, is an excellent question. Tolkien doesn't give us any information at all on Thranduil's wife (Legolas's mother), or even if Thranduil has any other children.. This sort of falls into a general category of Things We Don't Know About Legolas (see my earlier post on Legolas's age.)It's pointed out (rightly so) by many fans that Legolas is the member of.
  5. Another rare scene that wasn't even in Extended Edition 0:40+. Not that hard edit to me for you my LOTR and Hobbit fans! Enjoy watching.. If you want more of..

Thranduil im Film. Zu Beginn des Zweiten Zeitalters lebte Thranduil in Lindon und baute etwa 1000 Z.Z. sein Königreich im Großen Grünwald, der später als Düsterwald bekannt war, auf. Diese Festung hielt über zwei Zeitalter lang stand, trotz der großen Bedrohung im großen Grünwald. Diese unterirdischen Hallen, die auch Thranduils Hallen gennant wurden, waren, so wurde gesagt, denen von. Thranduil's Wife; Alatar (Tolkien) Gandalf | Mithrandir; Morinehtar (Tolkien) hermione is an elf; Mrs granger is a thranduil wife; Celebrian don't go to Aman; Pandora lovegood is Celebrian; celebrian lives; Glorfindel have a wife; Tauriel is orphan; Tauriel have a family; Tauriel have a sister; Young Legolas Greenleaf; legolas have a brother. Thranduil, also known as the Elvenking, was a Sindarin Elf of Doriath and King of the Silvan Elves of Mirkwood of the Woodland Realm. Thranduil was son of Oropher and father of Legolas . The Elvenking is a name used for the ruler of the Woodland Realm , the realm of the Silvan Elves in the far northeast of Mirkwood by the late Third Age

Pairing: Thranduil x wife. Summary: During the scene where the dwarves enter Mirkwood. Inspired by something I saw with the idea that Thranduil's wife could be the complete opposite of him. Originally posted by prettycatz. There was a loud knock on their chamber door, Thranduil swiftly turned to face it Thranduil appears in the beginning of the film, where he visits Thrór and tries to touch the white gems that once belonged to his wife. However, Thror refused to let Thranduil have the Gems of Lasgalen back. Thranduil later appeared again after Smaug had invaded the Lonely Mountain, where Thorin yells for them to help his people Thranduil, nicknamed the Elvenking, was a Grey Elf and King of the Silvan Elves of Mirkwood in the Woodland Realm. Thranduil was son of Oropher, and father of Legolas Greenleaf. At the end of the First Age, Thranduil was among many of the Grey Elves that stayed in Lindon, and before the building of the Barad-dûr in SA 1000 they traveled eastward. Thranduil and his father, Oropher, eventually.

Thranduil király kitalált szereplő J. R. R. Tolkien A Gyűrűk Ura című trilógiájában és főleg A hobbitban, ott Tündekirály néven.A sinda néphez tartozó tünde, Zöldlombfi Legolas apja, a Bakacsinerdő királya.. Története. A másodkor elején Lindonban élt. 1000 körül birodalmat alapított a Nagy Zölderdőben (amit később Bakacsin erdő néven emlegettek) Lee Grinner Pace (born March 25, 1979) is an American actor. He is known for starring as Thranduil the Elvenking in The Hobbit trilogy and as Joe MacMillan in the AMC period drama television series Halt and Catch Fire.Pace has also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Ronan the Accuser, a role he first portrayed in Guardians of the Galaxy and reprised in Captain Marvel It's normal to worry of your wife and when she is pregnant but not to the extreme but that's thranduil for you. You love him with all your heart but it wasn't easy when the council found out about where your origin, a Low elf in love with the king of mirkwood, it only happens in fairy tales

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Thranduil was the Elven King of Greenwood the Great. He had a wife and son, his wife passing away at the hands of Orcs from Gundabad. His son Legolas went on to become part of the Fellowship of the Ring. He led his people into war during the Battle of the Five Armies. Thranduil was a tall Sindarin Elf with white blonde hair. He lived in Mirkwood (then called Greenwood the Great), and was. Thranduil/Thranduil's Wife (351) Gimli (Son of Glóin)/Legolas Greenleaf (310) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (1070) Fluff (849) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting (794) Alternate Universe (678) Romance (627) Hurt/Comfort (482) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (477) Humor (437). He held the dwarves captive. They were eventually freed by Bilbo. (In The Hobbit he is only called the Elvenking; his name Thranduil is given in The Lord of the Rings.) Galion, the butler of the Elvenking's halls, whose fondness for wine enables Bilbo and the dwarves to escape. Men. Bard the Bowman, an archer of Lake-town who slew Smaug. Heir. Pairing: Thranduil x Reader (or his wife) Author's Note: I couldn't ignore my own headcanon about King Thranduil's wife anymore. So, ignore the movies concept of her being deceased. She is alive and well, and you, dear reader, are playing her part in this story. ^_~ Note elves celebrate the date of their conception so birthdate or.

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Adventure Fanfiction Legolas Thranduil Thranduils Wife Legolass Mother Original Character Laerorniel Mirkwood Tauriel Birth Graphic Battle War Greenleaf Lotr The Hobbit Lord Of The Rings Laerorniel Greenleaf, meaning Tree Song, the little sister, of Legolas, Daughter to, Thranduil, and Merildis Greenleaf, and Princess of Mirkwood Thranduil's wife being killed is purely a movie-verse thing. She is never mentioned in any of the books. She might be alive and well for all we know. Just because Bilbo didn't mention her in his memoir does not mean she was dead. Bilbo didn't ment.. Thranduil es un elfo sindar, padre de Legolas y rey de los Elfos Silvanos del Bosque Negro. Thranduil posiblemente nació en Doriath durante la Primera Edad del Sol. Tras la caída del reino y la anegación de Beleriand, Thranduil y su padre, Oropher, se retiraron a Lindon, región en la que permanecieron por unos años antes de dirigirse al este y fundar una colonia sindar en el Bosque Verde. Thranduil Vertefeuille est un Elfe Sindar, Roi de la Forêt Noire et père de Legolas. Il est le fils d'Oropher, premier Roi des Elfes de la Forêt Noire au Second Âge. Il participa avec lui en 3434 du Deuxième Âge, à la bataille de Dagorlad. Oropher y perdit la vie, faisant de Thranduil le nouveau Roi des Elfes de Vert-Bois le Grand Discover the untold story of an Elvenking's wife, at the dawn of the Third Age. Long before the Dwarves even settled into Erebor, ahead of Laketown's formation, a tragic yet brief love story unfolds. A lonely Sindarin Elf, Thranduil of Greenwood, falls in love with a thoughtful girl

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Thranduil ließ nur selten Emotionen zu, geschweige denn, dass er sie offen zeigte. Aber die Aussicht auf ein unsterbliches Leben mit einer Frau, die er nicht liebte, warf auch ihn kurz aus der Bahn. Dann hatte er sich wieder vollkommen unter Kontrolle. Die zeremonielle Verlobung zog an Thranduil vorbei, ohne dass er wirklich etwas davon mitbekam Thranduil is a main character in The Hobbit. Thranduil was the only child and son of Oropher, King of Mirkwood and father of Legolas Greenleaf. He is desperate for the necklace that once belonged to his wife and will do anything to get them back. Thranduil was portrayed by Lee Pace. Thranduil lost his father in the Last Alliance of Men and Elves, leaving Thranduil to rule his kingdom. He. Read Thranduil x Wife!Reader from the story LOTR/Hobbit x Reader by DisneySenpai (Disney) with 1,710 reads. haldir, bor..

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  1. Mar 15, 2020 - Explore RedSpoilt's board Thranduil and His Wife, followed by 1211 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Thranduil, The hobbit, Legolas
  2. Thranduil is a fictional character in Tolkien's The Hobbit and it subsequential film trilogy of the same name. Thranduil was born during the reign of his father, King Oropher as King of Mirkwood. When his father fell in battle, Thranduil became king of Mirkwood. Married to a woman he loved very much, the couple had a son named Legolas. She seems to have passed away before the events of the.
  3. Thranduil Tárisil Oropherion. 182 S.A. on Isilya in Súlimë. Born: Amon Lanc to King Oropher Orothônion and Queen Nimeithel. Speaks: Quenya, Sindarin* and some Khuzdul.Orothôn was wed to Mîrwen and they bore Oropher.Book I: The Epic of Eryn Galen is written in two parts: The story of Orothôn and the story of Oropher.Prologue by Iarûr (first introduced in Book II: The Saga of Thranduil)
  4. ifigure that was released in 2013. Thranduil has an exclusive headpiece; a combination of his leaved wooden crown and a blonde Elf headpiece. He wears a green coat with gold-silver designs and a brooch. Thranduil comes with grey legs underneath, printed with part of the coat, and a blood-red cape
  5. Thranduil's Wife. The Forest Gate. Inside Information. A Warm Welcome. An Unexpected Party. Cobwebs Crazy. Flies and Spiders. The Clouds Burst. Over Merry Tongues. Stories of No Time At All. Original Fiction. Hall of Fire and Feasting. By the King's Leave. The Last Debate. More Dangerous and Less Wise
  6. Thranduil felt all the air leave him with his wife's spirit. He knew he must fight. He knew he must run. He knew he couldn't carry the limp body in his arms and make it out. My Lord, now.. She is my wife! Thranduil spat out of desperation. And just a body. He would be joining her too soon if he didn't leave

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Thranduil is a wood-elf King, as well as the father of Legolas and one of the heroes for the Elven faction. Lore Thranduil is the epitome of the secretive and dangerous Wood-elves. His kingdom of Mirkwood has been under siege for many centuries by all manner of enemy, and his patience has long since run out. For this reason he is considered to be no friend of Dwarves or Men. Countless years in. Thranduil (N.Vigorous spring) was a Sindar elf who was the son of Oropher and Nemireth, the brother of Arafel, the husband of Arhendhiril, and the father of Legolas, Lindariel, and Faelwen. He remained Lord of Caras-e-Dawarwaith, or Aradhrynd in the hollowed limestone buttress on the North-Eastern end of Mirkwood, until sometime in the fourth age. This fortress was hard against the Taurduin. It is possible that his wife was one of the Silvarin Elves (Thranduil being a Sindarin elf), which is made clear in in the History of Galadriel and Celeborn (in Unfinished Tales), where there's a brief account of the arrival of Thranduil's father Oropher among the Silvan Elves of Greenwood the Great Thranduil is an elf character who appears in The Hobbit and is referenced in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion.He is the father of Legolas and is the king of the elves in Mirkwood. In the Peter Jackson Hobbit trilogy, he is played by Lee Pace.. Fandom. Thranduil fanworks existed before the 2012 Hobbit film. Legolas is one of the most popular LotR characters, and Thranduil is often. Lee Pace, Actor: Guardians of the Galaxy. In 2003, Lee Grinner Pace starred in the Sundance hit, Soldier's Girl (2003), an extraordinary telefilm created for Showtime. The film was based on the true story of a transgender nightclub performer in love with a soldier who is brutally murdered for their relationship. His breakthrough performance garnered him nominations for both the Golden.

This is discussed in the Director's commentary. Thranduil's prior encounter with dragons (which the Director happily admits is not from the books) was included to explain his deep isolationism and the reason why he wouldn't help the dwarves. There's also the suggestion that a firedrake killed his wife, explaining her absence from the film Oropher is first recorded in this event, when he and his son, Thranduil, arrived in Greenwood the Great. Oropher was taken by the Silvan Elves as their lord and founded the Woodland Realm. The Silvan Elves, who originally lived in the south of Greenwood, accepted Oropher as their King, who ruled from his capital on Amon Lanc 8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - stream 21 thranduil's wife playlists including thranduil, the hobbit, and Enya music from your desktop or mobile device

Thranduil Wife. thranduil wife. Thranduil Age. thranduil age. The Hobbit - Sword of Thranduil. - Catawiki photo. Thranduil, The Hobbit | The Cosplay of New York Comic-Con photo. The Hobbit Thranduil Customizable Cosplay Costume Outfit CS669 photo. Hobbit Thranduil cosplay costume coat and cloak photo Apr 5, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Hannah Dunbar. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres His wife fell in battle against a dragon of the north nearly a century after the Battle of Dagorlad, leaving Thranduil a widowed father to a twelve year old Legolas whose concept of death and loss was woefully underdeveloped. Thranduil did his best to raise Legolas, acting as both father and mother depending on the need Feb 24, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Mari Isana. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Thranduil är en person i J.R.R. Tolkiens sagovärld Midgård.Han förekommer i Bilbo - en hobbits äventyr och Sagan om Ringen.. Thranduil, även känd som Alvkungen, var kung över norra Mörkmården (Mirkwood) och far till Legolas.På grund av Bilbos bedrifter och berättelser, är Thranduil kanske den mest kända alvkungen

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Thranduil is King of Mirkwood and the father of Legolas. He appears in The Hobbit, but is alluded to inLord of the Rings. More information about him appears in Unfinished Tales. He comes across as stern but fair. Some people who have read The Hobbit think badly of him for imprisoning Thorin's party in his dungeons, as well as a stated love of treasure. This disregards the fact that the latter. 02.01.2016 - RogueMetamorph's Fandoms hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest These are the incidents that defined the lives of Thranduil Oropherion and Legolas Thranduilion throughout the Third and Fourth Ages. Part One: New Journeys--Thranduil adapts to the new relationships thrust upon him as a new king--including the courtship of his wife. Rating: PG-13: Reviews: Status: Complete: Chapters: 26: Published: 8/21/200 What's Up With Thranduil's Face in Desolation of Smaug? I have no idea!! Seriously, I've seen the movie a couple times now, and each time Thranduil does his little face burn-scar thing, I'm just as confused as I was the first time. Many of you probably already know this, but I really have to emphasize that this is not canon


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26-ott-2019 - Esplora la bacheca Thranduil and his wife di Sarolina394, seguita da 140 persone su Pinterest. Visualizza altre idee su Elfi, Il signore degli anelli, Thranduil Thranduil entrusted Muinder with the role of Legolas' head of guard shortly after his son was born. Muinder was someone whom Thranduil relied on frequently after his wife died, and when it wasn't Thranduil watching Legolas, it was Muinder sozlukten ucurulmasina cok uzuldugum, entrylerinin kaybolmasina daha da cok uzuldugum, gelecek vaadeden gitarist elf beyi, kadim dostum. o mesum m.s * gecesinde tam ucuruldugu anin bir saniye oncesinde thran, olm sozlukten ucurulmussun diyerek bir nisan sakasi yaparken ben, gercekten ucuruldugunu anladigimda ` : refresh ` dustugum saskinligi ve uzuntuyu kelimelere dokmek zor olsa gerek. And speaking of Legolas, there is absolutely no mention of Thranduil's wife anywhere in the books. We have no idea what happened to her, but the popular theory is that she died (it's likely that it was an Elrond/Celebrian situation and that she sailed west, but we'll never know for sure)

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Aug 3, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by . Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres 'The Hobbit's' Elves Talk Dragons, Tattoos, and Sexually Suggestive Horse Riding Outtakes - Duration: 3:18. extratv 351,617 view Prompt: Pushing back the folds of Thranduil's collar and placing a kiss on the hollow of his throat. He said. His wife surely was a curious one after all learning such a thing from the race of man. He smiled kissing her on the cheek and pulling her to bed with him so that she could share the mark with him

Jul 15, 2015 - ELDAMAR — Thranduil & Ellerian (his` wife Thranduil. 8.6K likes. I am Thranduil Elvenking, ruler of the Woodland Realm in the forest once known as the Greenwood, now called Mirkwood. I am the father of Legolas The White Gems of Lasgalen, also simply known as the White Gems, are items featured on The Hobbit.They debuted in the first film of the prequel trilogy. The White Gems are based on the Emeralds of Girion from the high-acclaimed fantasy novel, The Hobbit. History Edit. A long time ago, the gems were in the possessions of Thror and belonged rightfully to Thranduil's wife Thranduil on tegelane J. R. R. Tolkieni loomingus. Ta on Sünklaane haldjakuningas ja Legolase isa. Biograafia. Esimene ja Teine Ajastu. Thranduil on Oropheri ainukene poeg. Ta sündis Esimese Ajastu alguses ja elas Doriath'is enne selle langust. Teise Ajastu alguses elas ta Lindon'is koos Gil-Galad'iga

Thranduil's wife was killed at Gundabad, which comes up in a conversation between Legolas and Tauriel. There is however no mention of the manner of her death, but we can deduce from combining this with the DoS extended edition commentary that dragons were involved Thranduil greenleaf. 3.7K likes. I am Thranduil son of Oropher and father of Legolas Greenleaf. I am the elvenking of Greenwood but is now called Mirkwood since darkness has come

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thranduil wife name. Petra Pääkkönen Pääkkönen Petra 24.2.2016. Jaa tämä blogikirjoitus: Dictum on vuonna 1986 perustettu äänituotannon yritys. Tarjoamme ammattitaidolla studiopalveluita, ja edustamme ylpeydellä maan parhaita ääninäyttelijöitä See more ideas about Thranduil, Lee pace, The hobbit. Mar 19, 2018 - I love Thrandy because he's pretty, he's Lee Pace, he's a good Ada, he's the most beautiful king I've ever seen, and he has the softest heart, and he's so pretty An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work

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Nowhere in Tolkien's writing is Thranduil's wife mentioned. She is mentioned in the movie The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, by Legolas and Thranduil. But besides that, she is created by fan-art, and beautiful names by each fan. I gave her the name Nenlas ('water leaf') Unfortunately, I don't feel at all comfortable with that particular ship, so I wrote a Thranduil x Reader instead. Apologies! 3 years ago, 186 notes. #thranduil x reader #thranduil #Reader #one shot #the hobbit one shot #the hobbit #lotr #lotr one shot #escape #elf #elves #elvin #elvish #king #Mirkwood #100 thranduil's wife GIFs 8,265 results. 0.00 s. HD. 287 views. Looking for thranduil's wife stickers? The best GIFs for thranduil's wife. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF searches. thranduil asoiaf the hobbit. Thranduil didn't see you at the celebration of his wedding, nor the day after that, or the day after. There was an empty feeling in his heart that he couldn't place, the coldness consuming him, until months later, he'd found a note you'd written for him when he was a prince, about to go to battle for the first time

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See more thranduil GIFs! Create and share your own GIFs, amazing moments and funny reactions with Gfyca Lost and found - Thranduil's childhood sweetheart returns after being presumed dead, giving him a second chance at true love; The storm's gift (nsfw) - Things get heated when Thranduil comforts his wife during a thunderstorm; To mend a heart (part one) - Modern-day Thranduil is an A-list actor who falls for his father's docto Aug 22, 2018 - Explore Arianna Rivens's board Thranduil on Pinterest. See more ideas about Thranduil, Legolas and thranduil, The hobbit The Glorious Night- Thranduil xHuman! wife reader exchange poetry with each other, simply gazing across a crowded room. It's Right There- Imagine Thranduil trying to point something out to you in the distance and leaning in so close that his lips brush your cheek playlists featuring thranduil's wife, thranduil, and the hobbit music. Play all Share Edit. Save Cancel Delete. queen of the forest by lodilou. queen of the forest. by lodilou. 393 31 13 tracks. thranduil legolas thranduil's wife mirkwood botfa. she was the sun & star

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Thranduil x Feren. Thorin x Thranduil. Fili x Meludir. Bard x Thranduil. Dain x Thranduil. Sauron x Melkor. Elrond x Thranduil. Aragorn x Haldir/Estel (because we all know he would've married Haldir if he was alive at the end) That's it I think. Yet I'm somewhat open for new ship May 5, 2019 - Explore Andrea Hall's board Thranduil, followed by 2472 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Thranduil, Legolas and thranduil, The hobbit Jul 26, 2017 - Explore mariana montaño's board Thranduil, followed by 159 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Thranduil, Legolas and thranduil, The hobbit Thranduil's father, Oropher, was an Elf of Sindarin origin, but nothing is known of his mother. However, based on Thranduil's description from The Hobbit, he may have had Vanyarin ancestors among his family roots. He had golden hair, which was the most distinguishing trait of the Vanyar, but not a common trait among the Sindar

legolas mother - Google Search | Legolas mother, Thranduilwinter Elf cosplay the hobbit my photography silmarillionAry-Cullen's DeviantArt FavouritesSenseless Sensibility · “Legolas’s mother is not here

Apr 2, 2017 - Oh, Ella.... Said Thranduil as he gently took his tiny son from his wife's arms, He's... Ellerian looked up at him with joy filling her gaze. He's beautiful... She murmured. Our little leaf Thranduil is the elf king of Mirkwood and the father of Legolas. Like all the elves of Mirkwood, Thranduil shows his unpleasantness to the dwarves due to the fact that he accuses them for stealing the gems and the necklace of his late wife. He often appears sitting in his throne imprisoning Thorin and the twelve dwarves for refusing to help him returning his gems Thranduil is a main character in The Hobbit. Thranduil was the only child and son of Oropher, King of Mirkwood and father of Legolas Greenleaf. He is desperate for the necklace that once belonged to his wife and will do anything to get them back. Thranduil was portrayed by Lee Pace. Thranduil..

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